English-speaking community

May 14, 2020 Update

Measures taken by the parish to help contain the spread of the coronarivus.

Sunday Services :

The Church will be open during the specified time for the Mass.  You can come to pray or light candles and to speak with the priest. Please check the website for the Mass schedule of each of the parishes in the region.

The 5PM Saturday English-language Mass is held at Emmaus Church in Hilversum  and is live streamed via You Tube.   Please use the following link : https://www.emmaus-paulus.nl/ and scroll down to the bottom of the page where you will find Emmaus (you tube).

Masses during the week :

A daily mass is held at 9AM at the Saint Bavo Cathedral in Haarlem.  It is live streamed via https://www.youtube.com/c/kathedraalsintbavo/live.

Other Activities:

The secretariat will remain open.  However, coffee will not be served. There will be no choir rehearsals, no cathechism classes or preparation for First Communion for children and adults.

Funerals :

All funerals will be a celebration of the Word and a prayer service. There will be no choir.  Music may be played with a CD.  A maximum of 100 people may attend the service.

Communication :

Information will be available at the church’s website and FB page.  Information relating to individual parishes and work groups within the region will be dealt with through the office of the parish.

Other Sacraments and Visits:

For Baptisms, visitation of the sick and the Sacrament of the Sick, get in touch directly with the priest of the parish. The bringing of Holy Communion to people at home will be limited.

We  trust that you all understand that we have to do whatever we can to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.  We face a most difficult time.  Prayer is our source of strength whether we do this at home or in a church. Let us continue to pray and think of the people who are alone and need support. Give them a call or send them a card.


Our mission

The presence in Hilversum of several multinational companies and the existance of 2 international schools (the International Primary School – IPS Violenschool and the International School of Hilversum) as well as a number of bi-lingual primary and secondary schools, meant that there were Catholic, English-speaking men and women as well as families with children who needed religious services in a language they were familiar with.

Started over 20 years ago, the International Community of St. Vitus helps bring together families from different countries by celebrating Mass and offering religious instruction to the children. It tries to keep our faith alive even as we move from one job to the next, from one temporary home to another.

An Invitation

The St. Vitus-Willibrord Parish heartily welcomes you into its international community and invites you to register your self and your family. Registration forms in English can be found inside the Church. They are located by the door. For more information, please call: Mrs. Alma Patist : 035 – 628 22 98. Feel free to visit our Facebook page at https://en-gb.facebook.com/pg/StVitusInt/posts/.

Our Pastor

Our pastor is Fr. Dresmé. Should you need spiritual advice or have a request for Baptism or any of the other sacraments, you may call him at 035 – 624 74 15

Weekly Masses

The English Mass service is at 5 PM every Saturday, except when the Saturday falls on Christmas Eve or on the Easter Vigil. During the season of Lent, special services in English are arranged for the community such as Ash Wednesday and the Way of the Cross on Good Friday.

Monthly Social Gatherings

Once a month, usually on the first Saturday, the community gathers after Mass at the Schaapskooi. It is a time to catch up with each other and to welcome newcomers into the community. There is usually a whole table full of snacks and homemade cakes, wine for the adults and juice for the kids and a whole lot of talking and laughter! The main events of the year are the Christmas party at  the beginning of Advent and the Barbecue at the end or the beginning of the school year.

Religious Instruction

Preparation classes for First Communion are held once every two years.  This year, there are 14 children who will receive Holy Communion on the 16th of May.

Preparation for Confirmation classes began last year and will be held as soon as there are enough young people to start the class.

There are also Bible stories for children from 4 -10 years of age, once a month at 4Pm in the Schaapskooi.

For more information regarding the lessons, please contact Alma Patist or Fr. Dresme.

Friends of St. Vitus

A lot of money is needed in the restoration of St. Vitus organ. Restoration of the Van den Brink organ is necessary after 50 years non-stop playing the instrument. The subsidy provided by the city government is not enough . The parish has to provide most of the funding. Every little bit helps. For € 25.00 a year, you can become a Friend of St. Vitus. You will receive a regular update of the developments in the project as well as participation in the many activities planned in conjunction with the restoration..

The Restoration of St. Vitus Church

For over a 125 years, the church of St. Vitus has stood as a monument to the residents and visitors of the t Gooi. Although it is a place of worship, it has also been the venue for many community activities. Coming in from any part of Hilversum, the sight of the St. Vitus tower tells a Hilversumer that is he is home at last!  St. Vitus has been listed as a National Monument.  You can simply send your contribution to : Bank account number :NL35 RABO  0328 2100 80 With the instruction : Stichting Restauratie Rijksmonument St. Vituskerk te Hilversum.